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Star Awards

The British Canoeing Star Awards are designed for paddlers aged 16 and over.

1 and 2 star awards encourage paddlers to experience the various types of paddlesport available. Paddlers then 'specialise' in particular disciplines from the 3 Star Award onwards. The focus of the 1, 2 and 3 star awards is developing personal skills and gaining independence, while the 4 star and 5 star awards are leadership awards which enable paddlers to lead groups in appropriate conditions.

It is not essential to progress directly through the awards i.e. paddlers don't need to hold the lower award before progressing (other than at 5 Star).

2 Star Award

The 2 Star Award is an improvement award which supports the development of fundamental paddlesport skills on sheltered water.

3 Star Surf

 Successful performance at this level indicates the candidate’s competence to surf in small friendly conditions across a range of beaches and varying tidal conditions, as part of a led group.

3 Star Sea Kayak

 The 3 Star Sea Award means that paddlers can consider themselves as an able and improving sea paddler rather than a beginner.

3 Star Open Canoe

 A 3 Star Open Canoe Award paddlers can consider themselves to be an intermediate open canoe paddler rather than a beginner.

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