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Specialized Coaching

Developing Understanding, Confidence and Performance ...

Without doubt, a safe, effective and efficient stroke is key to maximizing the power and minimizing the energy you use throughout the day. The challenge becomes when that well practiced flat-water stroke can"t be adapted to the current conditions. Research tells us that the feedback you can gain through your senses is most likely to become 'understanding' that you can adapt to varying conditions. Understanding from the start what it feels like, looks like or sounds like when a boat is responding to both your body and the environment, indicates a level of learning that adjusts well to changing challenges. Each time you do it, you are more able to adapt. Perhaps most importantly is the warm glowing feeling you have in your heart that says you learned something at the end of the day!

In this series of programs we look at ways to make adjustments to our emotional and psychological environment that might be hindering our learning, we learn about the particular environment we are focusing on and we search for the signals the physical environment is showing us. This might allow us to 'dance' with the environment a little better each time we paddle in it!

These programs are designed to be progressive, but you can enter anywhere you feel best suits you. Certainly feel free to call or email on guidance! 207 651-4194,

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