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 Coaching Philosophy

I coach because I am in awe of the ocean, and I think I have been able to learn a few things about paddling on it that are worth sharing. I want to inspire folks to learn as much as they can about the marine environment, and I want them to further their understanding every time they paddle. I want to learn all I can. Stewardship, respect, hard work and empowerment are concepts that highlight my coaching philosophy.

UKCC Level 4 Performance Coach

British Canoeing(BC) Coaching Diploma

MSc Performance Coaching from Stirling University

BCU Level 5 Sea Coach

BC Advanced Sea Kayak Leader Provider BC Open Water Navigation Provider

BC Performance Coach/Sea Coach Tutor/Mentor/Assessor (Sheltered, Moderate and Advanced Water)

BC/Paddles Up Training North American National Trainer

ACA Level 5 Advanced Open Water Instructor

ACA Level 4 Surf Instructor

Wilderness First Responder

Registered Maine Sea Kayak Guide

UKCC Level 4 Award- British Canoeing Coaching Diploma

While driving on a remote road in Wisconsin just in 2013, a good friend and mentor told me about a new program starting through British Canoeing, the UKCC Level 4 program through the University of Stirling in Scotland. Well, in May of 2016 I completed the UKCC Level 4 Coach Award, now renamed as the British Canoeing Coaching Diploma and in September 2017, my MSc thesis was accepted by the University Just goes to show 'you can teach old dogs new tricks'!

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