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Specialized Coaching and Mentoring

In all aspects of our lives, we rely on the relationships we develop with people to help us be better as humans. These relationships are what make the Community stronger. It is this working together towards common goals that is the critical part of the equation. Community of practice (CoP) has become a buzz word in the business world, but it is also what makes a Paddlesport community able to adapt to the challenges brought on by both the physical and emotional environment we find ourselves in.

As a Coach, our CoP is learner centered and learning focused. The learner is key to the learning, and our responsibility as coach is to create the best learning environment possible. Our focus is on helping the learner realize the feedback that comes through the senses and how to use that to coach themselves moving forward. 

As Mentor, we are paying back a Community that has made many opportunities while guiding you to your goal be it coaching, leading, mentoring others or improved personal performance.

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